6ft twin base Abberley Adjustable Bed with optional headboard & wireless handsets

Abberley Adjustable Bed

  • Abberley has a customisable 5-part “podded” frame that makes it easy to position the bed to fit the contour of your body for more restful sleep. Many cheaper store-bought beds are less accommodating because they use only 3-part frames.
  • The push-button electric adjustable bed raises your legs, head, and neck to the ideal position for maximum comfort.
  • Although standard bed height is 24 inches, we can adjust the height for people with mobility issues, making it so much easier for you to get into and out of the bed – even from a wheelchair. Standard length is 6ft 6in, though we can make yours longer or shorter.
  • Your Abberley mattress is customised to the perfect density for someone of your height and weight. The mattress is made up of 3 layers of foam for maximum support and comfort. We do not glue the layers together. Reason: the foam is open-celled, so air naturally passes through it, making the mattress cooler. Gluing the layers would prevent this cooling air flow.
  • If you feel the mattress is too firm or too soft, we can send out a replacement layer. Because they are not glued together, the layers can be easily swapped out to make your bed just the way you want it – e.g. softer and plusher, or springier, bouncier, and firmer -- while giving your body optimal support. 
  • We also offer a “dual” adjustable bed, enabling you to control your side of the bed while your partner controls the other side -- so each of you can adjust the bed to the position that helps you sleep best.
  • The Abberley bed’s motor is sized to accommodate your weight, preventing motor burnout. When the bed is being adjusted, the motor is nearly silent. So there’s no noise to disturb your partner. Back-up 9-volt batteries ensure you can still raise and lower your head and feet even when the power goes out.
  • An easy-to-use wireless handset with backlit buttons and built-in torch make it a breeze to adjust your Abberley bed, even in the dark. The wireless handset has a memory function that stores your 3 favourite bed positions. Also turns your bedroom lamp on and off. Or, you can choose a wired handset so it stays attached to the bed and can’t go missing.
  • Care & Comfort is a family-owned business. Your Abberley bed and mattress are made right here in the U.K. in our factory – no cheap imports from China – and with no vacuum-packing to stress the foam.
  • In addition to superior comfort, Abberley is a very handsome bed that can be customised with a design, size, colour, fabric, and accessories to fit your décor.  Headboards can be upholstered in your choice of colour (300 different colours to choose from); stain-resistant fabric is available.
  • Roomy, solid-wood drawers, on the sides or at the foot of the base, give you plenty of extra storage space, and are strong enough to stand in. Drawers have heavy-duty castors that can hold a lot of weight, because they are supported from underneath – not on the sides as with rollers.
  • Your new bed is delivered direct to your home from our factory, which is located near Southend-on-Sea, Essex. The bed comes disassembled for easy transport and is then put together in your bedroom by our service engineer. The base is in 4 separate pieces, allowing the bed to easily be brought into homes with tight doorways.
  • After delivery and assembly of your new Abberley adjustable bed, we remove and dispose of all boxes and packing materials. We can also disassemble, remove, and take away your old bed, if you wish. All Abberley adjustable beds are thoroughly tested in our factory to ensure they are in good working order before we send the bed to you.
  • Low overheads enable Care & Comfort to charge a fair price for our beds. That’s important to us, because some of our customers need an adjustable electric bed for medical reasons. And we don’t think it’s fair to take advantage of people in difficult circumstances.
  • As the manufacturer, we know everything there is to know about your bespoke bed. If the bed is ever in need of service, we send you manufacturer’s genuine replacement parts, which our service engineer can install for you. (It’s also so easy you could do it yourself.) By comparison, most high street retailers know almost nothing about the beds they sell, and don’t stock replacement parts.
  • You can try out an Abberley adjustable bed before you order one at our showroom – located just 5 minutes from Southend airport. Customer parking is right by our entrance, and a stair lift is available for your convenience.
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