Collection: Adjustable Bed Mattresses

Our mattresses are made with three layers of foam. The foams we use depend on your height, weight, and preference for firmness.

The Ultima30, 50, and 75 mattresses all have a 3" layer of memory foam on top. The Gold mattress doesn't contain any memory foam, so it feels more like a sprung mattress e.g. springy/bouncy. You feel like you're laying on top of the mattress, whereas memory foam moulds around you.

We don't glue the layers of foam together, for two reasons. First, so air can pass through the layers (glue would prevent this). And second, so if, after a week or so you find your mattress too soft or firm, we can send you a replacement layer to change the feel of the mattress.

If you need any help choosing a mattress, just call Andrew on 01702 530847.